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José Carlos González-Hurtado is most definitely an expert at turning things around. His track record of succeeding in achieving exceptional business results and turning around businesses has constantly been demonstrated. He has proved he has outstanding ability to reinvent and transform businesses leading Procter & Gamble businesses in developed and emerging regions as well as many of the largest Global businesses for the company. Also as Global Chief Commercial Officer in Carrefour (leading the commercial, marketing and supply chain functions as well as e-commerce, digital and private label businesses) and recently as President of International of IRI

Education and academic career

Before finalizing his University degrees Jose Carlos Gonzalez Hurtado had management internships in Brazil and the USA. He has a master equivalent in Business Administration and a master equivalent in Law, graduating from Madrid’s Catholic University “Universidad Pontificia Comillas”. He was a lecturer and contributor of Business and Marketing Management for the MBA programs at ICADE, Comillas University in Madrid and at the Kellogg Business School at the Hebrew University in Israel as well as for Kurier Ekdotiki in Athens in Greece.


González-Hurtado became a Partner for Retail and Consumer Practices for Ward Howell International  a global Consultancy Firm, and in 2014 joined IRI  as President of International. At IRI he leads the Europe, Asia-Pac, Africa and Australia-New Zealand businesses as well as the integration of Aztec, a newly acquired global company, into IRI group. Total International business represents 70% of business growth for the company in 2015. IRI is the leading Business Intelligence and Technology Company in the World. It operates in around 60 countries. It provides unique Big Data + Predictive Analytics + Technology to Consumer related industries, Pharma and Financial services. Clients include 95 percent of the Fortune Global 500 CPG, Retail and Healthcare companies.

José Carlos González-Hurtado, President of International, IRI, presenting at the 2015 IRI Summit ‘Three steps to win consumer loyalty, Focus on the 3-D’. Click here to view the presentation.

At the 2016 IRI Summit, González-Hurtado moderated the retail panel discussion ‘Seizing Opportunities from the Shopper Revolution’. Guest speakers, Giorgio Santambrogio, CEO, gruppo Vegè (Italy), Luis Martinez Gallardo, Commercial Director DIA Spain and Steve Barnett, Trading Director, Costco Wholesale (UK) were guest speakers to share their inspirational views and best practices. To view the discussion, please click here.

Carrefour Group

At end 2009, González-Hurtado joined the Executive Committee at Carrefour and at the beginning of 2010, he was appointed member of the Executive Board of the Carrefour Group. He led the Commercial and Marketing functions as well as the digital and the e commerce for the group, he also was responsible for the largest Private Label business globally -c $ 20B- and for the Innovation and Supply Chain functions for Carrefour.

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Following Gonzalez-Hurtado’s 10+ year career at Procter & Gamble (P&G) in Spain, Greece and Switzerland, he landed as General Manager for Israel in 2001. He was quick to understand that Israel was another major step in his career ladder and consequently treated the market as a worthwhile investment.  

From July 2002 to July 2003 he succeeded in increasing sales of P&G Israel to record high level accomplishment achieved during the region turmoil.

In 2003 his boldness and audacity earned this vibrant Spanish entrepreneur the title of Executive of the Year by the Israeli National Daily Newspaper Yidiot Aharonot. He was selected also as ‘one of the top 10 leaders’ of Israel in 2003 by ‘The Marker’ a leading business magazine.  

However, he did not claim his own glory and he strongly recognized the work was achieved by his marketing team at that time.  He truly believed they were the best marketing team in Israel especially as he hand picked each one of them, by himself.From 2004 to 2006 Gonzalez-Hurtado served as General Manager of P&G’s Global Leadership Council in Eastern Europe, where he led the Wella integration and the acquisition of Gala Co. and later Gillette into P&G.  He was responsible for P&G becoming the preferred employer and the most admired company in the Ukraine.

From 2006 until 2009 he was the General Manager and Vice President of Global Braun, one of P&G’s largest brands globally, operating in over 100 countries, with a business of almost $2 Billion.  In 2008, following a 10 year period of decline, market shares and Braun’s profits rose to highest levels, in spite of global recession at that same period. 

Speaker at the World Retail of Congress and at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit

As Chief Commercial Officer of Carrefour, Gonzalez-Hurtado presented the inside story on the conception and delivery of the dramatic new development  of Carrefour Planet, in retail formats at one of the high profile gatherings of the retail industry across all sectors in Berlin in September 2012 - World Retail of Congress Speakers.

On 15 th June 2016, as the President of IRI International, Gonzalez-Hurtado presented at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit, in Cape Town (South Africa), with Tiger Brands, ‘Shrink to Grow: Use analytics and technology to optimise your line-up'. Click here to view the video of the presentation and here to download the white paper.

Special awards

Gonzalez Hurtado was listed as one of the 100 individuals included on the ‘Agenda International’ list, a service of the Financial Times. ‘Agenda International 100’ identifies the top global board candidates. The Advisory Committee has 14 experts from Fortune 500 company boards, from leading executive search firms and from academia.

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